Round Tablecloths

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Round PVC tablecloths, round oilcloth tablecloth & Teflon

No matter what design you choose, we can cut it to any size circle you want. We have the most popular circular tablecloth sizes on each product page. However, if you need something a little more specific, then just get in contact and we will list that size for you.

Sizes we can cut

List of sizes we can cut to

Please note that not all fabrics can be cut to all the widths below due to the natural width of the fabric roll. As a general guide oilcloth fabric can be cut up to 132cm diameter. Vinyl PVC can be cut up to 140cm diameter, and Teflon fabrics can be cut up to 160cm diameter depending on the design, as roll widths vary with this fabric.

98cm ⌀
100cm ⌀
102cm ⌀
104cm ⌀
106cm ⌀
108cm ⌀
110cm ⌀
112cm ⌀

114cm ⌀
116cm ⌀
118cm ⌀
120cm ⌀
122cm ⌀
124cm ⌀
126cm ⌀
128cm ⌀

130cm ⌀
132cm ⌀
134cm ⌀
136cm ⌀
138cm ⌀
140cm ⌀
142cm ⌀
144cm ⌀

146cm ⌀
148cm ⌀
150cm ⌀
152cm ⌀
154cm ⌀
156cm ⌀
158cm ⌀
160cm ⌀

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5