Choose your fabric… We can cut to any size circle.

What's the difference?

No matter what design you choose, we can cut it to any size circle you want. We have the most popular circular tablecloth sizes on each product page. However, if you need something a little more specific, then just get in contact and we will list that size for you.

Round oilcloth tablecloth

If you are looking circular oilcloths to fit your table, then our huge range of designs will mostly do the job. With our 80+ fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find one that you will love.

Bear in mind our oilcloths are manufactured to a maximum width of 132cm (52″), which means the biggest circle we can cut is 132cm in diameter. If you need something wider than this, then we suggest taking a look at our vinyl pvc range and teflon tablecloths.

Round PVC tablecloth

Circular PVC tablecloths often get confused with different products, so make sure you know what type of fabric you are buying. PVC is used in both oilcloth and vinyl tablecloths which is where the confusion comes from.

In oilcloth, PVC is used a clear layer which protects the cotton base and printed design. Whereas in vinyl tablecloths, plain white PVC is printed on to make all of the designs, and has a non woven backing. You can read in more in our wipe clean comparison guide.

Here at Simply Tablecloths, we refer round PVC tablecloths as vinyl PVC tablecloths.

Round plastic tablecloths

Round plastic table covers is another term which can easily be misleading. Technically, both oilcloth & vinyl tablecloths contain PVC which is a plastic. So if you are looking for a circular plastic tablecloth, do you know exactly what type of fabric you are ordering?

Round vinyl tablecloths

Circular vinyl tablecloths offer great value when you need something wipeable. They are the cheapest wipe clean tablecloth, yet they do a great job of protecting your table.

These fabric are produced at 140cm wide and the largest circle we cut from this fabric is 138cm diameter (52 inches diameter).

Large round tablecloths

If you need something extra large and wipe clean, then you should take a look at our Teflon range. These fabrics are typically 154cm wide (60 inches) and go up to 180cm (70 inches) on some designs, which is large enough to cover most tablecloths.

List of sizes we can cut to

Please note that not all fabrics can be cut to all the widths below due to the natural width of the fabric roll. As a general guide oilcloth fabric can be cut up to 132cm diameter. Vinyl PVC can be cut up to 140cm diameter, and Teflon fabrics can be cut up to 180cm diameter depending on the design, as roll widths vary with this fabric.

98cm ⌀
100cm ⌀
102cm ⌀
104cm ⌀
106cm ⌀
108cm ⌀
110cm ⌀
112cm ⌀
114cm ⌀
116cm ⌀
118cm ⌀

120cm ⌀
122cm ⌀
124cm ⌀
126cm ⌀
128cm ⌀
130cm ⌀
132cm ⌀
134cm ⌀
136cm ⌀
138cm ⌀

140cm ⌀
142cm ⌀
144cm ⌀
146cm ⌀
148cm ⌀
150cm ⌀
152cm ⌀
154cm ⌀
156cm ⌀
158cm ⌀

160cm ⌀
162cm ⌀
164cm ⌀
166cm ⌀
168cm ⌀
170cm ⌀
172cm ⌀
174cm ⌀
176cm ⌀
178cm ⌀
180cm ⌀