Beach Front Oilcloth Tablecloth

SKU: PC290


Close your eyes and imagine the beach – smell the salt water, hear the ocean waves, and see the clear blue sky.  Now you can get the essence of your favourite shoreside location at your very own table.  This oilcloth tablecloth brings the beach front into your home.  Perfect for a beach house, or those who wish they were at the beach!  The PVC finish allows for an easy wipe clean surface.

Finish: Gloss

Rectangles 120cm wide

Rectangles 132cm wide



Oval 120cm wide (semi circle ends)

Oval 132cm wide (semi circle ends)

Optional Extras

Please choose what optional extras you would like to add to your tablecloth.

Parasol Hole (optional)

Center cut hole with or without a ring. Ideal for outdoor umbrella.