Tube Despatch

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  • Tube despatch is an optional extra to receive your fabric crease-free. It is not essential, as creases do drop out/can be ironed out.
  • The fabric is rolled then put inside a cardboard postal tube as seen.
  • Both ends of the tube are fitted with white plastic end caps, the end caps are secured using a combination of staples and sealing tape.
  • The length and diameter of the tube vary depending on the product size.
  • We are able to fit up-to 8 metres of tablecloth fabric into one tube, so you can order multiple pieces and they can be fitted into one tube.
  • We are able to fit up-to 5 metres of table protector in to one tube.
  • The tube is then shipped to you with the shipping label stuck to the surface of the tube.
  • When you receive the tube, open one end carefully and you will be able to keep and use the tube as a storage tube for your product.
  • Teflon/Acrylic fabrics can not be sent inside of a tube as the fabric is too soft to be supported.
  • The maximum width we can send is 140cm. Maximum length is 8 meters.

Price: £10.80