10 of the Best Garden Tablecloth Designs in 2017

We have already had glimpses of summer this year with some great sunny days. This gets us thinking about our garden and how we can best enjoy the days outside.

I think you’ll agree with us when we say that the barbecue is one of the best parts of the summer.

When it comes to eating outside we know how messy it can, so why not make the cleaning a whole lot easy and bless your table with a wipe clean tablecloth!

We have put together a design range of the best garden tablecloths with a parasol hole that will fit in perfectly with the outdoors.

1: Beige Opera

From our Teflon range, Beige Opera was a hot seller last summer thanks to the light floral design.

Beige Opera Teflon Coated Tablecloth

2: Sherwood

Sherwood is a new addition for this year and is sure to freshen up your patio.

Sherwood Teflon Tablecloth

3: Comet Blue

Nothing better than clear the blue sky on a summers day. Our Comet Blue design reminds us of just that!

Comet Blue Dots Teflon Tablecloth

4: Patience White

Another new addition for this year, and one that adds a modern look to the patio.

5: Green Fern

A popular design judging by last year, and it’s not hard to see why. This is also available in a ‘cool grey’ colour way.

Green Fern Teflon Coated Tablecloth

6. Polka Dot Natural Grey

A firm favourite throughout the year. This neutral grey polka dot oilcloth will fit in to any surrounding.

Polka Dot Natural Grey Matt Oilcloth Tablecloth

7: Linen Duckegg

For those who love a more plain look, this oilcloth is from our new ‘Linen’ range.

8. Linen Beige

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Another plain linen design, this time from our Teflon range which looks great indoors as well as outside. One of most popular designs.

Linen Beige Teflon Coated Tablecloth

9. Lana

Brand new design for 2017. Lana is a beautiful floral design with red and pink shades.

10. Natural Evergreen

A fresh and natural green colour to brighten up your patio table. A plain green design from our Teflon range.