How to measure your table for a tablecloth

Finding the perfect size tablecloth for your table is an easy process. Below is a simple guide on how to measure your table to get the desired overhang. It don’t matter what matter what shape it is, whether it be square, round, rectangular or even oval we got it covered in this guide.

Rectangle or square tablecloths

If you want a rectangle or square tablecloth, then use this guide below.

If you have an extendable table, make you sure expand or shrink it to the typical size it will be when using your tablecloth.

If you use both sizes of your table frequently then you may want to purchase 2 tablecloths.

Or, if you want only one, then you base your calculations on the bigger size. Just remember your tablecloth will have different hang lengths if you opt for this method.

Take a tape measure, hold it along the straight edge of the table (this helps with accuracy), and take note of the measurement in centimeters.

Double check that you get the same measurement by measuring the opposite edge of the table.

Again, take the tape measure and measure along the length of the table using the edge to keep the ruler straight, then double check the measurement against the opposite edge and take note.

Even if your table appears square we recommend measuring both sides just to be sure.

Decide on how much overhang you want.

Overhang is also to referred to as the ‘drop length’. We recommend adding between 20-30cm (8-12”), depending on preference, to the both the width and length.

Be careful not to add too much, otherwise the drop length will be touching or lying on the lap of your dinner guests.

When you have decided on how much overhang you want you need to times this by 2 so this can be added to both ends of the tablecloth.

Now add this on to the length and width on your table size to get your final tablecloth size.

For example: I have decided I want my oilcloth to have a 20cm overhang. My table size is 90cm x 180cm. The calculation:

20cm x 2 = 40cm. This is the total overhang on each side.
Width = 90 + 40 = 130cm
Length = 180 + 40 = 220cm

Round Tablecloths

If you want a circle tablecloth use this guide:

The diameter of the table is measured by placing a tape measure across the table making sure it passes through the centre.  This doesn’t need to be super accurate as this is only for a tablecloth

A drop between 15-25cm (6-10”) is generally what we recommend to our customers.  This allows the cloth to hang above the knees of anyone sitting at the table.

Taking your desired overhang length, you need to times this by 2, to allow for the same overhang all around the table.

For example: I want my vinyl tablecloth to have a drop length of 20cm. My table size is 90cm diameter.  The calculation:

20cm x 2 = 40cm. This is the total overhang all around.
Total cloth size = 90 + 40 = 130cm diameter.

Oval Tablecloths

Here’s a guide to help calculate the tablecloth size you need for your oval table:

Please remember that the oval tablecloths that we supply on Simply Tablecloths have semi-circle ends and are not elliptical.

If your table is extendable, make you sure expand or shrink it to the size you will be using the most.

You may want to consider having two tablecloths if you use both sizes often.

Alternatively you can opt for the bigger size tablecloth so it can be used for both sizes of your table.

Please note, that using a the larger size tablecloth for your smaller table size will result in an uneven overhang.

No matter what type of oval table you have, you will need to measure the width from the centre of the table as it will be the widest point.

Place your tape measure across the two longest points of your oval table to determine your table length.

We recommend a over hang of approximately 20-30cm (8-12″).

It is a good idea to keep the over hang above knee height where guests will be sitting.

Double the size of the drop length required and add this to the width and length of the table size.

For example: My oval table size is 90cm x 180cm. The calculation:

20cm x 2 = 40cm. This is the total overhang on each side.

Width = 90 + 40 = 130cm
Length = 180 + 40 = 220cm