Table Protectors – Heat Resistant – Cut to Size

Table protectors provide a padding for your dining room table top to protect it from dents, scratches and heat damage.

All table protectors are cut from a roll and cut to size.

Heat & Scratch Protection

Heat protection ranges from 100c for classic and table felt, and up to 250c protection for non slip.
We offer 4 different types of table top protectors to suit all needs.

Classic Table Protector

  • Our best seller, offering all round value and great table top protection from scratches and heat damaged up to 100c.
  • It is approximately 2.4mm thick and can be bought over sized if you prefer it to drape.
  • If you have an odd shaped table, you can always use a pair of scissors to cut this to the exact table top size.
  • Available in white, brown & beige colours with widths up to 140cm.

Clear Table Protector

  • Thick & heavy duty. At 1.5mm thick the clear table cloth cover is heavy enough to stay in place.
  • Waterproof and easy to wipe clean.
  • It provides heat protection up to 80c and is meant to fit the size of your table top.
  • Available in 4 designs: Crystal Clear, Plain frosted, Dandelion & Rose (both frosted designs).
  • Widths up to 120cm.

Table Felt Protector

  • Executive table felt has a nutmeg brown smooth surface, made from vinyl with a slight leatherette look.
  • The under layer is white padded felt made from polyester.
  • It provides heat protection up to 100c and is meant to fit the size of your table top.
  • Available in brown only with widths up to 140cm.

Anti Slip Table Protector

  • Has a textured underside that helps reduce slipping, keeping your table setting safe and intact.
  • Constructed from PVC-based synthetic rubber, combining softness with durability.
  • 2.4mm thickeness – enough to provide good protection but avoids being overly spongy, striking the ideal balance between cushion and firmness.
  • Available in white only with widths up to 110cm.