How do I measure my table?

It’s really important that you get the measurements of your table and tablecloth overhang right as all of our fabrics are cut to order.

For rectangles you need 2 measurements; the width and the length.

For circles you need just the diameter of the table, which is from edge to edge making sure you go directly through the center of the table.

Ovals require 2 measurements. Across the widest point of the table will give you the width, and the length can be taken down the longest part of the table.

Measurements don’t have to be millimeter perfect, just rounded to nearest centimeter.

For more in depth details visit our measuring guide page.

How much overhang should my table have?

We recommend that your tablecloth have an over hang of 20cm all round. This means adding 40cm to the length and width of your table size to get the required tablecloth size.

We found this to be optimal overhang as it is long enough to drape over your table and not so long it touches your legs when sitting at the table. This is only our recommendation but you can choose what ever over hang you like.

Are the sizes shown for the table size?

No. The sizes shown on our website is the tablecloth size you will receive.

Please make sure you include your own overhang.

The exception to this is when you are ordering a table protector – then we recommend to choose a size that will fit your table top.

How do I order a custom size?

Ordering a custom size tablecloth is easy.

Step 1: Order the next size up.

Step 2: At the checkout under the notes field, request the size you need it cut down to.

Note: Do not order a smaller length as we will have to request additional payment.

Do I need fabric samples?

If colour or feel of the fabric is important to you then we highly recommend you order free samples of your favourite designs.

Our tablecloths are made to order and can not be returned unless faulty.

How long are your dispatch times?

For tablecloths where no extra work is required, i.e: hemming or edge binding, normally dispatch time is 2-5 working days depending on work load.

Once dispatch your order can take an additional 2 working days to arrive depending on how quick the parcel company works.

For tablecloths which require edge binding or hemming, please allow 3-7 working days for dispatch.


Oilcloth Fabrics

Is oilcloth waterproof?

Only the top coated side of the oilcloth is waterproof. The underside, which is cotton will absorb any liquid. If the cotton gets wet you should dry it out so it does not get damaged.

Can you wash oilcloth?

No, it is not recommended to wash any type of oilcloth. Not only will you damage the top coating, but you will be left an extremely creased fabric which will be hard to get out. If you need a wipe clean tablecloth that is machine washable then please see our Teflon & Acrylic tablecloth range.

Can oilcloth be ironed?

Yes you can iron oilcloth on the reverse side. You may also spray some water to help ease any creases out of the fabric. Once ironed, allow the fabric to cool
before using again.

Is oilcloth stain proof?


While oilcloth will allow you wipe away all liquids and sauces with ease, it can still be stained. Typical stains include marker pens, curry sauces, any tomato based sauces. You can reduce any stains by wiping these away as soon as they happen. The longer it is left, the hard it will be to remove.

Can you cut oilcloth?

Yes, you can easily oilcloth with any pair of scissors. The top coating will prevent the fabric from fraying and give you a nice clean cut.

Is oilcloth the same as PVC?

Some people refer to oilcloth as pvc because that is what the top coating is made from. However, <a href=”https://www.simplytablecloths.co.uk/product-category/vinyl-tablecloths/”>vinyl tablecloths</a> are also made from pvc and they are different fabrics. For more information on this, see our fabric guide here.

Is oilcloth the same as vinyl?

No, oilcloth is a thicker and more durable fabric which has a cotton backing and a clear coating on top. Where as vinyl does has no backing or top coating.
For more information on this, see our fabric guide here.

Can oilcloth be used outdoors?

Yes oilcloth is perfectly fine to use outdoors. Just be careful about the cotton underside becoming wet or damp. You should dry this out with it happens. When wet or damp cotton is left it can start to go mouldy.

Is oilcloth heat resistant?

Oilcloth is not heat proof or heat resistant. Anything hot placed on to oilcloth will cause the top coating layer to go soft. It is recommended you use a matt to place anything hot on.


My Order

I haven't received a confirmation email of my order...

Once you have successfully placed your order with Simply Tablecloths you will automatically be sent a confirmation. However, occasionally this email can end up being filtered by your email provided and sent straight to your junk mail, which you will not be notified of.

Be sure to check your junk/spam mail box and then save us as a trusted email so we can further contact you if there are any problems and notify you when we dispatch your order.

My order still hasn't arrived. Where is it?

If you ordered a tablecloth or table protector without any extra finishing required (edge binding or hemming) then our standard dispatch time (how long it takes to be cut and sent out) is between 2-5 working days, not including the day your placed your order. Once it has been dispatched then depending on what service it was sent by, it can 24-48 hours to received your order.

If you order a tablecloth or table protector with extra finishing required, such as edge binding or hemming, then our standard processing, finishing and dispatch time is 2-7 working days, not including the day you placed your order. Once it has been dispatched then depending on what service it was sent by, it can 24-48 hours to received your order.

If your still hasn’t arrived after this point then please contact our help team with your order reference number.

My order was dispatched but it has been longer than 48 hours. Where is it?

Once your order has been dispatch it can take up to 48 hours to receive it. If it still hasn’t arrived, the first thing to check is that a courier driver has left a card to say they have attempted delivery. If they have then just follow the instructions on the card.

If there has been no sign of any delivery attempts, then contact us, and we will find out where it is.

Can I return my tablecloth?

All of our tablecloths and protectors are cut to order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing fault. The sizes listed on our website are there for your ordering convenience and are not items we keep in stock.



How can I get in touch with customer service?

We aim for your shopping experience to as easy as possible with Simply Tablecloths, however, we know sometimes you may have a question that is not covered on this website.

Online is what we are best at Simply Tablecloths, so we answer all questions and customer care queries mainly via email and social media. We don’t have a call office as we are not set up to receive loads of calls, however, once we have received your query we may give you a call if we feel it is the best way to resolve your query.

You can find our contact page here.