How to measure your table for a tablecloth

Finding the perfect size tablecloth for your table is an easy process. Below is a simple guide on how to measure your table to get the desired overhang. It don’t matter what matter what shape it is, whether it be square, round, rectangular or even oval we got it covered in this guide. Rectangle or […]

How Teflon® Protects Your Tablecloth

What is Teflon®? Teflon®, also known as PTFE, is the brand name owned by Chemours and was developed by DuPont. It is used in variety of products across many different industries both commercially and domestically. In its general meaning, Teflon is known to bring benefits such durability, easy cleaning, non-stick, and repellency. Frying pans is the most […]

How to Remove Water Stains from a Wood Table Top

Even when coasters are available, it can often be the case that a wood table top will still end up with water stains. These unsightly marks can make a wood table look old before its time and ruin the look of what should remain a classic piece of furniture. Rather than just getting annoyed on […]

How to Clean a Glass Table – Without Streaks

cleaning glass table

With its ability to catch the light and create the illusion of open space, a glass table can be a beneficial and practical addition to any room. Whether a coffee table in the living room or a dining table in the dining room, you will need to know how to clean a glass table effectively […]

How to Remove Candle Wax from a Tablecloth

With the desire to create an appealing atmosphere at a classy dinner party comes the risk of items potentially suffering damage, such as candle wax being dripped onto your best tablecloth. However, by implementing the tips in our guide, you will find it possible to remove candle wax from a tablecloth and prevent your dream […]

How to Get Scratches Out of a Glass Table

A glass table lends itself well to many different styles of décor, offering a timeless quality that enables it to blend in well even as styles change. Looking good does not prevent a glass table from being a practical piece of furniture that can be used for a range of purposes, which can make it […]

How To Set A Table – Formal & Informal

Regardless of the occasion at which you and your guests will be dining, you must make sure that you know how to set the table to a suitable standard. With many modern families rarely sitting together to eat a meal, it is a task that can be easily forgotten – if it was ever known […]

10 of the Best Garden Tablecloth Designs in 2019

We have already had glimpses of summer this year with some great sunny days. This gets us thinking about our garden and how we can best enjoy the days outside. I think you’ll agree with us when we say that the barbecue is one of the best parts of the summer. When it comes to […]

What Your Tablecloth Colour Says About You

Whenever you walk into an unfamiliar home, the first thing you’ll usually notice (unless the house is a complete pigsty) is the overall ambience. Warm or foreboding, cheerful or depressing – every living space has a definite feel to it. What creates that feeling? Above all else, the colours featured in the home’s décor define […]

Wipeclean Fabric Comparison

We often get asked what is the difference between our wipe clean fabrics, so we put together a quick comparison chart for you to easily see the features of each one. Comparison Table Feature Teflon Oilcloth Vinyl Price From £16.50 p/m £13.99 p/m £7.50 p/m Wipe Clean Yes Yes Yes Base Fabric Poly-cotton 100% cotton […]

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