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Wipeclean Fabric Comparison

We often get asked what is the difference between our wipe clean fabrics, so we put together a quick comparison chart for you to easily see the features of each one. Comparison Table Feature Teflon Oilcloth Vinyl Price From £19.50 p/m £13.99 p/m £7.99 p/m Wipe Clean Yes Yes Yes Base Fabric Poly-cotton 100% cotton …

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How Teflon® Protects Your Tablecloth

What is Teflon®? Teflon®, also known as PTFE, is the brand name owned by Chemours and was developed by DuPont. It is used in variety of products across many different industries both commercially and domestically. In its general meaning, Teflon is known to bring benefits such durability, easy cleaning, non-stick, and repellency. Frying pans is the …

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