Table protectors provide a soft cushion for your dining room table top to protect from scratches and heat damage. We offer 3 different types of table top protectors to suit all needs.

What's the difference?

Standard Table Protector

This is our best seller, offering all round value and great table top protection from scratches and heat damaged up to 100c. It is approximately 2.4mm thick and can be bought over sized if you prefer it to drape.

Table Felt Protector

Executive table felt has a nutmeg brown smooth surface, made from vinyl with a slight leatherette look. The under layer is white padded felt made from polyester. It provides heat protection up to 100c and is meant to fit the size of your table top.

Upgrade your protector! This is available with optional edge binding. Enhance the look with leatherette binding that also hides the white felt around the edges.

Non Slip Table Protector

Exactly the same as the original Bulgomme protector, this product is made from rubber and has an amazing non slip backing to help keep it in place. It also offers a much higher resistance to heat (up to 250c), which is great for dishes straight out the oven, as well as every day protection such as spills and scratches keeping your dining table how it should look.

Custom Cut

Can’t see a size your looking for? Our options provide the most popular sizes, however if you want something more specific (to the nearest cm), then just buy the next largest size, and put your requested size in the notes field upon checkout and our cutters will pick it up.