Christmas Wine Oilcloth Tablecloth


Fabric Code: PC302Fabric Finish: GlossWidth: 132cm

Celebrate the holiday season with this Christmas-inspired tablecloth. The wine colour brings our the joy of the season.Sayings on the fabric to get you in the mood for christmas include: “Mulled Wine” “Cranberry Sauce” “Dates” “Chestnuts” “Christmas Pudding” “Chocolate Log” “Figs”.

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Tablecloth Overview

Free Sample
  • All sizes shown are finished tablecloth sizes. You must account for your own over hang.
  • Widest tablecloth sizes are already shown. We can cut longer lengths if required.
  • 132cm width is approximate. This is cut from the roll and may vary slightly.
  • Base fabric is white 100% cotton
  • Face fabric is a printed design with a clear PVC coating.
  • Does not fray when cut
  • All oilcloth tablecloths are folded as standard. Creases can be ironed out on a warm setting.
  • Sizes show are there for your convenience and are not stock items.
  • Got questions? See our FAQs for answers on oilcloth fabrics

  • Tube despatch is an optional extra to receive your fabric crease-free. It is not essential, as creases do drop out/can be ironed out.
  • The fabric is rolled then put inside a cardboard postal tube as seen.
  • Both ends of the tube are fitted with white plastic end caps, the end caps are secured using a combination of staples and sealing tape.
  • The length and diameter of the tube varies depending on the product size.
  • We are able to fit up-to 8 metres of fabric into one tube, so you can order multiple pieces and they can be fitted into one tube.
  • The tube is then shipped to you with the shipping label stuck to the surface of the tube.
  • When you receive the tube, open one end carefully and you will be able to keep and use the tube as a storage tube for your product.
  • Wipe clean only
  • Do not machine wash
  • To clean: wipe with a damp cloth. Using a mild citrus based detergent may help remove stubborn stains.
  • Product can be ironed on a cool setting on the reverse side (the uncoated side)
  • Some tomato, egg, curry based sauces and ink etc may cause staining. The longer stains are left on the surface, the harder it will be to remove them.
  • All orders are cut to order. Below is our typical dispatch times:
  • No edge binding: Orders are usually dispatched within 1-3 working days and sent via 2-3 working day delivery service.
  • Edge binding: Orders are dispatched within 2-5 working days depending on workload.
  • If your fabric is not currently in stock we will contact you via e-mail.
  • We use Royal Mail and a signed for courier service to send out our parcels.
  • All tablecloths are cut to order/made to measure items and cannot be returned.
  • Manufacturing faults or defects will be replaced. If we can not replace it you will be offered a refund.
  • If colour or fabric quality is important to you then we suggest you order a free sample before placing your order.
  • Listed shapes and sizes are there for your convenience and are not stock items.
  • Read our full terms & conditions here.

All tablecloths/protectors are cut to order so we are able to cut to any size you need at no additional cost.

If you want a more tailored size to the sizes available in the drop-down box, then you can request in the notes field at the checkout.

  • How: Order the next size up to what you need.
  • Where: At the checkout, you’ll see the notes field as shown below. Enter your size/s here rounded to the nearest cm. Eg: 121cm x 223cm
  • Note: The widest sizes are already shown, we can not make tablecloths wider. Only longer.

Compare this Oilcloth to our Acrylic & Teflon Coated Tablecloths
Fabric: Acrylic Oilcloth
Washable: Yes No (wipe clean only)
Finished Edges: Yes (hem or bias edging) Optional (bias edging)
Base Fabric: Poly-cotton blend 100% Cotton
Coating: Teflon coated & Acrylic layered Clear PVC
Max Width: 180cm 132cm
Description: Acrylic coated fabrics have a number of advantages over oilcloth and vinyl fabrics. The main reason customers love our Acrylic tablecloths is because they provide extra width and also feel and look a lot like a natural tablecloth. Some people don't like the plastic feel a Oilcloth or Vinyl PVC has. view Acrylic/Teflon fabrics Oilcloth or PVC tablecloth is the classic wipe clean tablecloth everyone has seen on a kitchen table. The clear PVC coating provides great protection from liquids. It is a bit thicker than the Acrylic fabric which makes it a little more rigid to feel. view the Oilcloth fabrics