Edge Finishes for Acrylic Coated Tablecloths

Edge Finishes for Acrylic Coated Tablecloths

If you use acrylic coated fabric as a tablecloth, it’s important to apply an edge finish, as the woven fabric edge may fray during use.

When buying your acrylic coated tablecloth there are two different finishes you can choose from: Hem finish or Edge binding finish.

Hem Finish

hemming tablecloth with sewing machine example
Example: Hemmed tablecloth

A hem finish involves folding over the straight fabric edge twice to create a 1cm wide hem, just like hem on the edge of a t-shirt. When possible, the sewing thread used in the hem is colour-matched to the base fabric.

A hem finish is standard for rectangular and square tablecloths, while circular and oval-shaped tablecloths are finished with a bias binding edge as standard.

You can opt for either a hem finish or bias edge finish for rectangular and square table covers.

Circle and oval shaped tablecloths can not be hemmed finished because the edge of a circle/oval is a continuous curve.

Edge Bias Binding Finish

acrylic edge bias binding example
Example: Rectangle acrylic coated tablecloth with edge binding and rounded corners

A edge binding finish involves sewing a 1cm bias edging tape onto the fabric edge. We choose this colour of the edge binding to complement the colours of the tablecloth.

Bias binding is the standard edge finish for circular and oval-shaped tablecloths due to the continuous curve shape.

For rectangular and square tablecloths, you have the option to choose a bias edge finish instead of a hem finish.

To achieve this, the square corners are first rounded off, and then the bias edge finish is applied. This creates a more polished and professional appearance for the tablecloths.


With a bias edge finish, the maximum available finished width for any design will always be 4cm wider compared to a hem finish. A hem finish uses 2cm of fabric on each side to create the hem, which reduces the overall width of the fabric.

It’s important to note that all of our tablecloths, regardless of whether they have a hem or edge binding finish, are hand-finished here in the UK.

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