Teflon Coated Tablecloths

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Teflon coated tablecloths are our premium range of fabrics. As well as being acrylic tablecloths, they not only offer the best protection and last the longest, they also feel a lot more natural than our other fabrics. Find out how Teflon protects your tablecloth here.

Rated 5.00 out of 5


These are our finest wipeable table covers made with a poly cotton base fabric which has been Teflon treated, and on top of the fabric lies two layers of acrylic coating for extra protection.

Natural feel

Even with the extra protection these tablecloths retain a soft and natural feel, looking like linen, so they drape beautifully off your table. You won't find another fabric on the market that is as close to a linen tablecloth that has all the wipe clean protection that this does.

Easy Care

The added protection from the acrylic and Teflon, stops liquids from penetrating these table cloths making really them easy to clean. They can even be machined washed, making them perfect for home and commercial use.

Finished edges

As a premium product, all of our Teflon tablecloths are finished in house in the UK, with hems or edge binding depending upon the shape you choose. These fabrics are known to fray after washing so we do not offer this product without it being finished.