Understanding Extra Thick PVC – Important Guidance

Understanding Extra Thick PVC – Important Guidance

Understanding the product limitations will help you make an informed decision before deciding to make a purchase and to ensure product longevity after purchasing the product.

The guidance given here is specific to our Extra Thick Clear PVC product line, which includes the Clear, Frosted, Frosted Rose and Frost Dandelion variations.


Our Extra Thick Clear PVC (all models) is made for indoor use only. It’s not meant for outdoor use or inside places frequently exposed to sunlight like a kitchen, dining room or conservatory without window shades or UV protection.

In such unprotected situations, the product might shrink excessively and warp, preventing it from lying flat.

Even when used indoors away from regular direct or indirect UV light, the Extra Thick Clear PVC (all models) will shrink slightly – this is normal.

This shrinkage affects its length, so we add a bit extra to the product length when we cut it. Depending on the size of the table protector you order, we’ll calculate this extra length and include it automatically.

So, when you order, you just need to specify your tabletop size.

If you follow these tips, your product won’t shrink excessively.

However, if it shrinks more than the extra length we’ve provided, it means the product has been used in conditions we don’t recommend, and our product guarantee won’t cover it.

Heat Protection

Our Extra Thick PVC items are made from 100% PVC material, which starts to soften at around 80 degrees Celsius. This temperature, although fairly low for heat resistance, applies regardless of the thickness of the product.

If the PVC’s surface temperature hits 80 degrees Celsius, it can retain any indentations caused by hot dishes, plates, cups, and the like. Once these impressions form, they become a permanent part of the surface.

Therefore, we highly advise against placing heated items directly on the PVC surface. Instead, we suggest using placemats for such items.

Table Top Surfaces

Our Extra Thick Clear PVC performs optimally on flat, smooth tabletops.

If your tabletop has a rough texture, decorative indents, grooves (regardless of their size or depth), or any other element that could lead to uneven support, there’s a risk that the bottom of the clear table protector could be permanently scratched or marked.

If your tabletop has any of these features, we advise against using the Extra Thick Clear PVC product.

Since Extra Thick Clear PVC is a transparent, smooth, and relatively soft item, any unevenness or texture on the tabletop could leave marks on the PVC’s underside.

In such cases, consider using an alternative product like Plain Frosted, Frosted Rose, or Frosted Dandelion, which feature a finely embossed underside.